888 is a collection of eight hundred and eighty-eight separate works created over the period 2018-2021. Each one is numbered and stored in Bloc format.

The 888 collection was created to launch and develop Superchain while setting its tonal, structural, and cultural foundations, beginning with 喜1 “The Genesis Bloc” on January 1, 2019 and ending with 喜887 “Superchain Whitepaper” and 喜888 “Alpha + Omega” on June 5-6, 2021.

The collection explores themes of divinity, eternity, time, humanity, truth, and beauty. The significance of numbers, in particular 8, 888 and their relation to the themes, is incorporated with numerological references throughout.

The works explore and extend the capabilities of the Bloc as a digital medium, and make reference to the Bloc as a meta-concept in the scheme of eternity and the progression of linear time.

Some works are simple and limit included media to a single artwork and piece of text; others are more expansive, incorporating multiple pieces of media to create longer tapestries. All works in the 888 collection were produced in extremely high resolution and often with physical components, allowing Bloc owners the option of owning 888 pieces as physical art.

The creation of the 888 collection mirrored the development of the Bloc as its medium and Superchain as its location. Superchain moved from testing to production with the release of the Whitepaper, and the collection ended a day later setting the stage for Superchain’s launch in Season 2.

The Works

The 888 collection is found in the first 888 Superchain Blocs, and comprises the entirety of Superchain Season 1. It can be viewed at numbers 喜1 through 喜888.

Why 888?

The number 8 is infinite, ∞, and thus representative of Superchain’s eternal ethos. The Superchain symbol 喜 is known in Asia for its resemblance to the number “8”. 888 represents Superchain Blocs in sequence.

The number 8 and 888 are also highly significant in other ways, prompting themes explored in the collection:

  • 888 is the value of the name of Jesus Christ (ΙΗΣΟΥΣ) in Greek Gematria. 888 is Alpha + Omega (喜888), the Beginning and the Ending; the 888 collection launched the Superchain and ended its first Season.
  • The number 8 is spiritually representative of new creation, and manifested as such often: eight foundational colors, eight notes to an octave, and eight bits to a byte.
  • 888 is the “angel number” form of the number 8.
  • In China and elsewhere throughout East Asia, the number 8 is considered especially fortunate. 888 is the most fortunate number of all – Triple Fortune.

The Superchain principle that 8% of every Bloc sale will be given to greater causes was enshrined in the numerologically significant 喜22 “8 Forever”.


The 888 collection was produced while traveling across the globe, developing Superchain and sourcing contributions and input from artists from a wide range of cultures and mediums. A universal and profoundly positive message is developed throughout, while staying true to the eternal themes and principles that inspired Superchain’s development and made accessible by its structure.


Title: 888
Description: Collection of 888 works
Media: Various
Medium: Superchain Bloc
Created: 2018-2021
Released: 2019-2021