Who is 8.GURU?

I am an artist and writer working for eternity.

My goal is to get to Heaven. The aim of my work is to get you a little closer.

Arriving at this point in my life has been an unlikely story.

Background & Culture

I am a genetic mutt of humble family background. My genes are from the areas circled in Red:

I was raised moving frequently from country to country and culture to culture, in the area circled in Green:

As an adult, I have lived nomadically in the areas circled in Blue:

Of these areas, I have spent the most time in the United States as an adult; about a decade.


I was a precocious child and have been heavily involved in creating on the Internet since the days of Usenet and dial-up. I consider this more influential on my “intelligence” than anything I learned in various primary and secondary school systems. At age 17, I was admitted early to Harvard (among others):

I say this not to brag – the likes of Harvard are filled with functional retards – but to pre-empt attacks on my intelligence by midwits. 99.9% of my critics cannot demonstrate an achievement of intelligence like this so early in life. In a beautiful coincidence, the same 99.9% are the type to care deeply about credentials. After visiting Harvard I did not like the type of person in attendance and decided to go to another equally pompous “elite” institution.

I was naive and expected the world of elite education to be like the “Academy” of ancient civilization. Instead, I found that it was intellectually bankrupt and morally corrupt. From firsthand experience: I advise you to pay no reverence to anyone’s “elite” credentials in this world, and indeed regard people with greater suspicion the more credentialed they are.


The illusion of a career pursuing truth shattered, I entered the technology industry on graduation. This paid well and granted me many worldly pleasures.

All the while, I knew that what I was doing helped nobody, and was in reality actively harmful. Silicon Valley preaches loudly about the good it is supposedly doing for the world to cover up the disgusting reality. One must be willfully blind or suffer severe cognitive dissonance to work in tech. I drowned the dissonance in hedonism and tried to blind myself.

In 2016, I began to transition into the art industry, making headway through hustle and connections I had developed. There I discovered horrors even greater than those in the world of technology.

New Life

One day in 2017, I was seized by an impulse to quit all of it. I followed my gut, and threw everything away. I had not prepared in the slightest for this to happen. I now recognize this as the grace of God.

An immense weight was lifted from my shoulders. I returned to what I loved as a youth: creativity and pursuing truth. I travelled widely and was led down many spiritual paths, trying to find some fusion in them, akin to what is called “new age” thinking. I was seeking hidden knowledge. Trying to find the hidden will have you searching in the darkness, and a black cloud began to form over me once again.

Then, visiting a Cathedral, the Light was revealed to me, instantly and completely, in striking simplicity. Away went the darkness. I owe my Life to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

“Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?”

New Mission

I am no priest, and no saint. I was never convinced by preaching and it is not my mission to do so. But it hurts me to see so many people hurt by short-term thinking. This disease is rife in the modern world, from political economy to personal relationships. Few things are built to last, and even fewer to last forever. This is causing immense suffering.

Involved in the internet since my youth, I was always attracted to “cypherpunk” ideas, which led me to be an early adopter of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The most revolutionary aspects of the technology for me were permanence and immutability – here, finally, was something that grasped at eternity. So much of the internet I grew up with had already disappeared, but here was tech to build things that will not perish.

As a creative, I have long fought against the fact that culture is constantly pushed to be more and more short-term. Internet technology is accelerating this more than ever. This is not an environment where beautiful culture can be nourished, nor where lasting works art can be created.

In August 2018, I conceived of Superchain – the Bloc Chain for Culture, built to last forever. On January 1st, 2019, I started it, with the long-term vision of launching in 2021.

Since then, I have seen “crypto art” via NFTs move into the mainstream, a beautiful development. It was very difficult indeed explaining this vision to people in 2018. There is much more potential in this future: technologically, and most importantly, creatively – and I will be a part of directing it.


My name is my domain. I can’t be deplatformed as I publish here. Pronounced “eight guru” (or “eight dot guru”).

The “8” stands for the eternal, and:

“God is Universal, he is the Ruler Universal
For those who can’t follow that spells GURU when in my circle”
Gang Starr, “Robbin Hood Theory” (Moment of Truth, 1998)

not another fake guru.


Every little thing matters if it is created to last forever.

I want to help all kinds of artists and creatives on works made to last:

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