888 Charms

The goal of the 888 Charms project is to put physical canvas and NFT ownership in the hands of as many people as possible, cheaply.

Why physical? Because the world of real, physical art, made by humans, is in danger, threatened by an elite financial scheme. Learn more.

Why NFT? Because by linking a physical artwork with a digital representation, we activate the true potential of crypto art: to create an eternal representation, and sidestep corrupt art world gatekeepers.

Why cheaply? Because the scheme outlined above can only operate in centralized, manipulated, digital markets. It uses technology that is liberating in the hands of the people, but perverts it to create tools of enslavement.

Charms cost $25 when bought in-person, and $34 online. A physical, barter economy for art and other goods threatens the scheme, so physical purchases are incentivized.

Every charm is both an 8″ x 8″ physical canvas, as well as a digital infinitely scalable vector file. Each charm is hand-painted, individually numbered, and unique.

The Charm

In total, there will be 888 different “colorways” of 888 Charm.

Every colorway will have 888 canvases painted.

The NFT for every canvas is generated by Forever Club.

Every canvas is tagged with a quote on the top of the canvas and a Forever Club tag/signature on the bottom.


Charms can be bought online at Forever Club:

Or you can find the stall in person…