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The Daemonologie

King James examines Magic, withcraft, sorcery, and familiar spirits, by argument and Scripture.


The famous king, who comissioned the King James Bible (Authorized) translation, wrote this work in 1597. The three-book structure is as follows:

  1. The exord of the whole. The description of Magie in special. Proven by the Scripture, that these unlawfull artes of this sort (in genere), have bene and may be put in practise.
  2. The description of Sorcerie and Witch-craft in Speciall.
  3. The description of all these kindes of Spirites that troubles men or women. The conclusion of the whole Dialogue.

This is an invaluable resource upon which King James staked his scholarly reputation. The English used is old-fashioned; I am working on my own word-for-word modernization for easier reading and will add it here once I get around to it.

Last Updated: 2023-03-22

Daemonologie (1597)

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