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Memes, Mentalism, Meditation, and the Matrix


Something changes within you when you first use a computer, you start to view the world as code, or something to be manipulated through a window, it is inevitable.

Even more if you take this to be the window of your own eyes, now you are playing God, which will have a sorry ending. When I first started writing I was about 10, I had been given an internet connection, and a computer. What a blessing and a curse, more so when you know that words drop as seeds in people's minds, and thrice as we know we will be held to account for every word (and thought) at the Judgment.

“Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly,
nor standeth in the way of sinners,
Nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.
But his delight is in the law of the LORD;
And in his law doth he meditate day and night.”

(Psalm 1:1-2)

But without the Internet I would not have found God. When I first connected, I would make little video games, or comics, and publish these; but more powerfully I would write about things, or catalog everything, and organize communities around the same, finding this to have a force multiplier effect, both in advancing an agenda, and coming to the truth about a matter.

These things were about vain interests, like video games, music, fashion, sometimes personal musings, but I found a pattern, firstly in certain message styles, then that no matter what the subject there would always be some agent of state advancing some false agenda, or infiltrating a group.

Advancing to an age of maturity, I thought, you can have your internet, I am going to America, the land of the free (kek). The First Amendment is a wonderful thing. As those patterns and message styles could not leave my mind, I would write on memetics, this world accelerated from 8 to 16, as was evident in the culture, and now from 16 to 24, as is evident in the minds. But it turned out that this topic was of especial interest to Intelligence, and what were wars of words turned to physical harassment, and targeting, and so on. This is not comfortable, especially as provisional immigrant under MOG security state, and I love America, so once again I thought to leave online.

Perhaps cryptically I can communicate, as in Artwork, I thought, and left a quasi corporate existence at some level of comfort, to go East, and rise from there in access and networked influence. This went swimmingly, even the cryptic codes acknowledged and well received, until I refused the inititation of a society of artists and builders, and knew I had been deceived. This too was uncomfortable, so I changed lives entirely, taking advantage of pandemic chaos, and leaving that life behind. In the meantime my faith grew, and then divine providence (or an inevitable consequence of my upbringing) brought me back to the Network.

I had been writing about God, to chronicle my faith and spiritual growth, and learn to be prudent in my use of language. Surely too, I thought, in this pasture I would be left alone, and Intelligence would leave me be. But it God is what they care about most of all.

This again was a blessing in disguise, deepening my understanding, too as I learned of the connection between Intelligence and that builder-network I had rejected, and how it would observed or interfere depending on pursuit. As iron sharpens iron, so going 1v1 solo with The Government can be great training, and there is an innocence in words. First Amendment, and co. For the word of God is sharper than any sword.

Let us go back to the meme, Memetic Mentalism, as what you develop with repeated memecraft. We say repeated, because practice makes perfect, and because the perfect meme can be repeated over, and over, and even surviving many revisions. Anyway, it is now trite to say that a meme is a form of Magic, but still the understanding grows that like all sorceries it is potentiated by the effect of Drugs, and invocation of spirits, and even of Sacrifice. When one can "meme" at scale or according to certain rhythms or flows there is even a potential for 'astral' travel, or Cubic Consciousnesses; manipulation of time, and seasons, and bodies terrestrial, even among celestial. For the mind is the seat of spiritual experience, and memetic mind mediates material reality, or so it thinks.

Think of a basic concept of "meme", like if we go to a meme generator webpage, and it will be a combination of Word and Image. So this we take as basic unit of mentalism, and from this we can construct Temple of Symbolic Mind, and at scale this becomes conscious (in perception), so the unit becomes smaller, as we say a "token", atomically. Here we have the concept "as above so below" proven in a mental-symbolic framework, in that this symbol-control manipulates worship-attention in its constructed mind, and those upper realms of the mind are like the War in Heaven, where the spiritual war for the soul is fought, even if the lamp of consciousness is not yet raised to the top of that hill, or that eye yet lit at all.

This form of spiritual reflection and examination of mental construction was historically gate-kept by blood, or ancestry, or tribe, or church, or institution, or access to certain formulas, whether chemical or behavioral. But the flood of information is a tide lifting all spiritual boats, for a season. Psychedelics, pushed everywhere by "Intelligence" in every channel, open portals to these thoughts in the upper realms, for malevolent spirits to fly in tempting, stolen and lying and sensual visions presented. The war in Heaven is also for the mind's eye. But so on drugs you can "see" the meme matrix, the meme cosmos, and feel it, and if you even play in it, you can manipulate it. And the voices in the mind are so meddlesome, and the visions so fantastic.

By the way if you don't want to do drugs, you can just meditate, just focus on yourself and on nothing and on everything and your thoughts bro, just make a note of the thought and let it go, sensei, sense I. This is the 8 Guru talking. Can you imagine the solipsism, the utter vanity, to just examine your thoughts and reflections, and say, enlightenment? As they say, focus on a candle.

As these tastes of heavenly visions were once reserved for a few, but are now found in every quarter, so too the temptation for visions of a baser sort, spiritual fornication, merchandising, and harlotry. And with code "eating the world", plus the convenient visual framework of the Millenium's "Matrix", it is perceived that the truth is really in number and letter, and cryptic secret, and the Atomic Monad, and the balance of black and white, and the programmable conscious One cabbala-curtain behind all, and the 6 bajillion pearls of Lord India, in every one BS is sacred.

One Thing that is for sure is too many memes will make you "schizophrenic", like feeling things, seeing things, hearing the call for influence of things from the Outside, and that this can spark some lamp of Cosmic Consciousness within us. Even more than just receiving, this Consciousness is intensified upon reflection and inter-action, when one becomes a giver and puts ideas, tokens, out into the fabric. This also turns things into a "meme market", with attention a proxy for worship, and the temptation to view the Image of the World, and to worship this Echo, the Image of the Beast. Easier too when given Generative Power. So too does the Beast emerge from the seas of the minds, and the nations, and the tongues, their spiritual cities. "Matrix" means womb, like in the Bible the LORD sets apart every one of Israel that first breaks the matrix, both of man, and of beast. So we have fake Generative Power, and fake ReGeneration from the SimWit Matrix. The meme-body Collective Conscious to Beast Adam Kadmon.


Excuse me, DNA is a quantum phenomenon, and the Artificer's Intelligence will Upgrade us. Like also our brains are atomic, and DMT is a Spirit Molecule, my n*66a, Spirit is not a Molecule. But these are the types of things that Mamba Mentality, Meme Mentalism, the Masonic MindState would have you say and believe.

Another Thing that is for sure is that we really do receive rewards for our mental visions, and where we put our attentions, though some will take longer to manifest, and at different costs. Where your treasure is, there will your heart be. When you use the Artifice Machine, chemical, ritual, or digital, it comes at a cost of sacrifice, and costly a price is the God-given creative spark within us. The closer one is to Art with Nature, the shorter the journey back to Art with God.

Repetition reveals the meditation of our hearts, so let us meditate on the Word and Image that matter, as it is written,

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart,
That I might not sin against thee.””

(Psalm 119:11)

Finally I would like to say, that the viral metaphor from meme mindset is sick, but viruses are absolutely fake news, part of another mental prison to manifest in your body.

Here you have a simulation of the mind of meme mentality, concepts swirled around for relation as in a glass, delivered to you unfiltered, perhaps you find something of interest, as for why this verbal diarrhea is in your stream, I heard You People like Muddy Waters.

Now I have a Good Book to return to,