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Superchain (2018-)

A 'blockchain' (Bloc Chain) for Culture.
Introducing a new conceptual medium called the "Bloc", Superchain adds exactly one work of art a day to its progressively immutable tapestry.

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Superchain works are not for sale. In 2018/19, certain works from the chain were prepared for sale to 'high art' world collectors and display via traveling installations and museums. Arrangements were being made for a multi-country rollout in 2020.

After refusing an initiatory ritual, and to relinquish creative control of the chain, I was blacklisted and subjected to targeted campaigns of harassment over many years. The experience gave me personal knowledge of how government-corporate complexes and intelligence services maintain a violent grip on the "culture industry" worldwide.

Superchain was paused in 2022 in response to these attacks, and I moved into 'vanilla' crypto. I found the same infestation of snakes had affected the 'permissionless', 'decentralized' world, and was again targeted for state harassment. The ordeal led me to recommit to my art, understanding the need to evangelize and speak the truth, even unto death.

Superchain is accessible so all works can be viewed freely forever, as designed. Only the launch collection (Jan 1, 2019 - September 25, 2021) is available, 999 works in total; plus 1 work ("UNIVERSE", 喜1000) from my next collection of 150 Blocs prior to the chain pause in February 2022. I am working on other artistic expressions now, but will return to Superchain in the near future.


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More Information

Technical information about Superchain and an elaboration of the creative vision can be found in the whitepaper, which is hosted on the chain itself.

Superchain, meaning "above chains", is designed to be a central source of truth, indifferent to which blockchains or networks this truth is mirrored on. Originally, Bloc hashes were committed to Bitcoin, but ownership tokens for 喜1-喜999 were issued on the Ethereum network in 2021 as ERC-20 tokens. These were not issued for sale; the only holders are the Superchain wallet, my 8GURU wallet, and DJ Dillon Francis, who was an early supporter.

As Bitcoin matures in data storage, Superchain hash commitment may recommence, and the ERC-20 tokens bridged/burned or reissued.