The Great Art Conspiracy

I have been a creative all my life, and in what you might call the art “industry” for the last five. I’ve had the chance to talk and work with some of the biggest and most well-known artists and collectors in the world. Inside the belly of this beast I have seen truly horrific things; things that have made me question not only my participation but my entire worldview. I have gone back and forth on writing this series of articles for a long time, as exposing even a part of this scheme has cost many their livelihoods if not their lives.

Recently the idea has spread online that “art is money laundering”. Yes, there is money laundering in art. But there is also money laundering at your local corner store. 

The truth of what has happened in art is far more sinister. Having seen it from the inside, I will tell it all.

Let me tell you the story of how art was corrupted to take over the Earth.

I: The Destruction of Standards in Art

II: The Rape of the Artist

III: The NFT Delusion

IV: Cultural Control of the Internet

Coming Next

V: Inverting the Pyramid
(or, How To Take Over The World)

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